For parents

A revolutionary game for primary school students linking reality and the online world

At a time when we are experiencing a boom in modern technology, regular physical activity should be a natural thing for children. But technology often makes us switch from physical activity to passivity in our spare time. The online environment is already a part of our lives, as well as children's lives. That is why our project connects daily physical activities in school and leisure time with a thrilling online game that motivates children to keep active.


Regular exercise not only affects your physical health, but also helps your children's spirit, improves their cognitive function and enhances emotional well-being. The game involves children in a variety of exercise activities that show them that being active is fun and a natural part of life.

Online world

We are up-to-date and we have created a ProHero web interface, in which children will be able to watch their gaming character improve affected by their physical activity. The whole project is accompanied by a game for which we have created an attractive story that draws children into its action and motivates them to improve their skills in the offline world.

Information for parents

What ProHero brings to the children?

P.E. lessons

Healthy competitiveness motivates children to participate more in physical education classes. The project will measure children's performance in different sports three different times.

Sports days

The project also includes two sports days to promote healthy competitiveness and team-work. During these two events, children from all participating schools will compete with each other in different predetermined sports disciplines.

Physical activity in the free time

The game also motivates children to get moving in their own time. And since the amount of exercise often comes from a family background, it's possible that the game will get you, parents, moving too.


Our project seeks to develop the social skills of your children. These include the ability to work in a team, which is increasingly in demand in all work sectors across the spectrum of employment supply.


Unhealthy ways to achieve the so-called "ideal of beauty" are becoming more prevalent among children. Among other things, ProHero works with children to achieve a healthy sense of self and thus prevent i.e.: eating disorders.


The proper exercise habits that children can take away from our game shape the basis for their healthy lifestyle in the future.


What is the goal of the project?

We want to get kids excited about moving, to get them interested in a healthy lifestyle and, above all, to learn how to move properly so that we can build a good exercise base for whatever sport they choose in the future.

Who's behind the project?

Behind the project is the privately funded Sport2Life endowment fund, whose main idea is to inspire children to a healthy lifestyle and good habits associated with regular exercise.

Who is the project for?

The current phase of the ProHero project is for primary school 4th and 5th grade students

When does the project run?

The project will begin on 5 November 2019 with an initial race and will be completed with a final battle in spring 2020. Both of these events are designed as story-related sports days.