The robotization of the world is beginning

Professor Thalberg's new robotic accessories shop has opened in Prague. Is a new era of human movement beginning, or is there more cause for concern?

Professor's lab


When evil moves around the world, you have to fight it. Some people are born to be heroes, some people have to become heroes when their moment comes. And that moment has come.

These heroes have decided to stand up to Professor Thalberg, but they can not do it alone. They need your help.

Secret lab

Profesor Thalberg

Although it may seem at first glance that Professor Thalberg is just an old and perhaps slightly confused scientist who is perfectly harmless, the opposite is true.

This man is completely purposeful and is always out for his own benefit. And for that, he is willing to sacrifice anything, maybe even anyone. He has had a lot of experience abroad. How will he and his robotic accessories business fare in Prague?

Professor's lab

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Thanks to all those who support our heroes in the fight against Professor Thalberg.

The project was developed under the patronage of the Sport2Life foundation

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At a time when we are experiencing a boom in modern technology, regular physical activity should be a natural thing for children. But technology often makes us switch from physical activity to passivity in our spare time. The online environment is already a part of our lives, as well as children's lives. That is why our project connects daily physical activities in school and leisure time with a thrilling online game that motivates children to keep active.

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